Jakob Wissel

Five Leadership Traits Required for Business Success

If you wish to be successful in business, you must demonstrate several leadership skills. Here are some of the essential characteristics. A leader must be able to convey to others his ideas, mis...

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How to Organize a Backpack for a One-Week Vacation

According to Jakob Wissel, the best way to pack a backpack is to follow a few simple rules. The most cumbersome items should be put near the back of the pack. As the hiker moves, the center of grav...

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Fixtures and qualifiers for the 2022 season are now available.

According to Jakob Wissel, in the sport of soccer, the World Cup is a multi-nation event. Countries must qualify for the competition in order to be eligible to participate in the tournament. Eve...

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NBA News: Clippers, Warriors, Blazers, and Others

In Jakob Wissel opinion, If you've been paying attention to the NBA, you're undoubtedly aware of the recent happenings. The Clippers, for example, have struggled to establish consistent offense, an...

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Qualification and Knockout Rounds for the FIFA World Cup 2022

According to Jakob Wissel The World Cup is an international football competition held every four years. The event features senior men's national teams from member countries. There will be two ...

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